Myth #3: “It will add in lots of expense for the architect/builder to use 3D visualization services.”

architectural 3d clay rendering residential stairwayPricing for 3D renders is multi-faceted and complex. It’s sort of like someone asking “how much does it cost to buy a car?” Are we talking about a top of the line sports car? A rusted-out clunker that can barely get you from point A to point B? A reliable, no-frills family car? What does having a car give you, like the ability to get to your job? Does it save you money you would have spent on public transportation or ride-sharing services? It’s not a simple equation. In fact, we’ll be making a whole separate post about pricing soon.

When an architect adds in 3D renderings to the design process, yes it is an additional expense upfront. However, the cost of a rendering can span quite a range depending on whether it’s as basic as a sketchy clay model or as detailed as a photograph suitable for framing. If you’d prefer, we can start with your budget and let you know what we can deliver for that amount.

architectural 3D rendering modern house exterior afternoon sunAnd then there is the cost of not getting a 3D rendering. Imagine that you didn’t see an accurate image showing your exact finishing materials first, and now that construction is started and you can see the colors working together on a large scale, you have the sinking feeling that the stone is too light, the deck stain too dark, the entryway columns too large ….on and on it goes.

Once orders have been placed and construction begins you are taking a gamble that the small samples and simple line drawings you saw will look just as you imagined in large scale. If anything is off at all, now your costs to correct it are much, much more than a 3D rendering, or worse–you live with it, and the cost of disappointment.

With so many factors weighing in to an estimate, we can’t simply give a set cost for what a “typical” rendering would be. However, our estimates are always free and usually done within 48-72 hours!

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