4 Myths About 3D Rendering Services: Part 1

Myth #1: “It’s too hard to find a trustworthy architectural rendering partner – how do I know I’m getting top quality for a fair price with so many to choose from?”


3d architectural rendering servicesThere are a lot of architectural rendering companies out there, and we understand it can be overwhelming if you’re relying on a Google search to steer you in the right direction. Like choosing any company to partner with, some things to look for are a proven track record of quality, excellent communication, fair and detailed contracts, and a mountain of customer testimonials from all the major sites like Google, Facebook, and Houzz, that back up the company’s claims.

A bit about us–J. Scott Smith Visual Designs is an American-owned and operated business that’s been producing visualizations of all sorts for over 20 years. Our team has nearly 75 years of combined experience in 3D modeling, architecture, and related trades. We are not an architectural rendering factory. We are artists and designers who share your passion for the craft. And we bring that same passion to your project.

architectural 3D rendering house interior modern living roomWe strive to understand you and your design. We are accessible through email, phone, a variety of online meeting platforms (such as Zoom), multiple social media platforms, and in-person meetings. We see each project as unique – down to the custom fixtures and finishes that set your designs apart. Your vision will be seen and translated into a 3D rendering and you will have input all along the way.

We provide a detailed contract of what we will deliver as your architectural rendering partner and when you can expect to have it done that both parties sign before a dime is spent. Our estimates are always free and can be started with our online contact form!

Check out our extensive portfolio of work in a few sample categories:

Residential Exteriors
Residential Interiors
Commercial Renderings

We have collected testimonials from Facebook, Google, and Houzz here. You can view them on their original websites as well by clicking the links on our testimonial page.

The good news is, once you know what you’re looking for and have done your research, as long as you have chosen an architectural rendering partner that continues to stay on the cutting edge of both service and technology, your search is over. We have clients that are going into their 2nd decade of collaborating with us, and the feeling of trust and respect we’ve developed working with these talented architects and visionary designers make finding the right fit at the beginning worth the effort!


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