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Your design is too important to get a single detail wrong.

Our 3D renderings help the best ideas to rise to the top.

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We believe that life is too short for bad design.

We think that homeowners should be ecstatic when they see their finished home. We think nothing should be missing or out of place. We believe in no regrets. We know that you only build your project once, so you want to get it right. Our purpose is to eliminate bad ideas so only the best ones get built.

We eliminate bad designs by showing you the design options because once you see them, the best will rise to the top.

If your project is not yet built, you’ve found the right place. If your project already exists, scroll down. 


Every project starts somewhere. Sometimes you have a thought, some sketches, or even a basic 3D model, but you need it fleshed out. Some preliminary concept renderings can help you explore the shapes and shadows to see whether that idea will work or not. We can help you get the idea out of your head.


The design visualization stage is where you fall in love with your project. Tweak the layout. Redo the landscaping. Knock out a wall. Try a new color. Personalize every aspect of your dream. The combinations of finishes, fixtures, and furnishings are endless. This project is your home improvement show and you’re in charge.


Your design is perfect and it’s time to tell the world. This is the juice your capital campaign needs. This is what your marketing team wants. This is what the community expects. Architectural renderings show the public exactly what you’re planning in a way that needs no further explanation.

If your project already exists, we can help you too.


Let your customers browse your merchandise, pick their favorite table, get comfortable with your layout, or pick the venue that is right for them – all before they even visit your location. Get your place online now.


No one wants to drive to dozens of houses that they will hate. When buyers take a self-guided tour online, they find the house they want, their realtor makes more sales with less work, and everybody spends less time in a car. What’s not to love? Our virtual tours are just like being there


Document more than you ever dreamed. As-builts. Construction documentation. Thermal scans. Orthophotos. Point clouds. If you recognize any of these phrases, we should talk. We offer infrared and laser scanning, drone photogrammetry and more to digitize the real world.

  • mikewills

    Scott created photo realistic renderings of a complex townhome development for us. The finished product is an amazingly detailed virtualization of the finished product giving us an extremely valuable marketing piece. It took longer than we expected, but was worth... read more -

    Jeremy Tobin

    As a new realtor I reached out to them to do a 3-D scan of the first property I was going to list. Not only did they do a great 3-D walk-through of the entire property we are also able... read more -

    Bianchi Design

    Scott is a pleasure to work with and his attention to the details of your project will make it shine!
    He has helped me by creating compelling visuals from my 2D plans that totally sold the jobs for me.
    Kirk Bianchi, Bianchi Design

  • Karl Koelling

    "Scott’s work speaks for itself, and for him. He’s one of the hardest working guys I know, is committed to excellence, is a fount of creativity, and he is constantly working toward mastering his craft. I highly recommend Scott to... read more -

    Sarah Keever

    Scott and his crew did a great job on a project that was needed quickly. Scott offered good suggestions and provided helpful know-how for this particular project. The final product was delivered on time and in great quality.... read more -

    natasha mohan

    Great team! Very responsive and their work was on point! -

  • Melanie Schaub

    J Scott smith Visual Designs produced a rendering for a new housing development in Suttons Bay. The work encompassed four house renderings and one of the entire development. The finished product was great and has helped us to... read more -


    I've worked with Scott on numerous projects. Their 3D renderings and Matterport walk-through work is outstanding, and communications always professional and friendly. I always look forward to working with Scott. -


    Incredible and thoughtful in his craft as well as eager to meet the needs of his clients. We were heading into a project with vague notions of how our remodel would look finished. Scott worked with us and gave... read more -

  • sharongeme

    Scott and his work are simply amazing! The exterior renderings he did of our home allowed us to make solid changes before a shovel went in the ground. The interior ones helped us to chose the right color cabinets/floors/windows before... read more -


    Scott created a virtual fly through of our campus expansion. It included the overall campus as well as the interior of the new building. He clearly understood the message that we were looking to convey and his work... read more -

    Kevin Endres

    Scott is truly gifted in being able to take a project from a concept and render it to look more realistic than any photo ever would. His abilities in rendering far exceed anyone else we have worked with. His 3D... read more -

  • premiermanor

    Great to work with. Produced a first class 3 dimensional work showing our development which helped to secure our successful results before our planning commission. The job stayed within budget and was completed in a timely manner. ... read more -

    Logan Randell

    Very talented and professional. The designs they came up with are perfect and the art work is amazing! -

    JDW Architects

    Scott is consummate professional, creative, passionate, articulate and efficient. We have used Scott on several projects and the results have been above and beyond expectations. I will use Scott's services again when the need arises. If you... read more -


Traverse City, MI