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Document more than you ever dreamed.

We know that in order to proceed with your design, it is vital that you understand what you are starting with. Traditional drawings and conventional techniques of documenting a site don’t really convey the same amount of information conveyed by a 3D architectural site analysis. You don’t just want to know where a tree is rooted, but also what it does aboveground. Knowing the footprint of an existing building is critical, but so is knowing the elevations of each finished floor, locations of windows and soffits, and the pitch of the roof. Traditional plans contain relatively little data. Knowing the exact details of all factors you wish to take into account will catapult your design process miles ahead of your competition.

As-builts. Construction documentation. Orthophotos. Point clouds. If you recognize any of these phrases, we should talk. We offer infrared and laser scanning, drone photogrammetry and more to digitize the real world through our professional 3D architectural site analysis services.

architectural rendering
Save Your Time
Why take everyone on-site with clipboards and tape measures? Stay in the office doing what you do best and let us measure the place.
architectural rendering
Where Is That Picture?
We deliver a 3D walkthrough you can revisit anywhere. Say goodbye to missed photos and measurements.
architectural rendering
When your client decides they want to replicate that detail that has already been demo’d, you’ll be glad to know that we still have the details.

What could YOU do with all this data?

The benefits of 3D site analysis are endless.

Architects now start projects with the base data they need when they have a 3D architectural site analysis in hand. Builders finish jobs with full documentation of every stud and wire. Engineers get accurate representation of pipes in confined spaces. Contractors have a smoother project knowing there will be fewer problems to “fix in the field.” Homeowners get proof that everything was done right, and they will likely end up enjoying their home more than they otherwise would. And everyone will notice your attention to detail when they see how your designs pay homage to the existing site and just seem to fit better than the competition’s. Everybody wins.

architectural rendering