5 Top Ways How Can Architecture Change The World

Architecture has the potential to change the world we live in. In fact, it has significantly impacted society in ways you’d never consider. And if we look at it closely, it’s a good move for our society, creating empires and communities in unimaginable ways. But how can architecture change the world?

Since society itself started to develop, architects have built livable spaces for us. Architecture is constantly evolving today, which is a good sign for the future. This leaves one to question just how can architecture change the world, with the answer to that being in more ways than you’d imagine. 



How Can Architecture Change the World


The image is a black and white photo of the top of skyscrapers as you look from below. This is not an example of How Can Architecture Change The World

The way the world looks around us is a good example of how can architecture change the world.


Empowering the Poor


You’d be surprised, but architecture is distinctively empowering those less fortunate. For instance, it helps various welfare foundations to build homes for them. Also, many such NGOs operating in the US take help from architects to build various small apartments and homes. In these shelter homes, homeless people have the space to live and eat.

So, if we observe architecture as an art from this angle, we see it as helping and empowering those struggling to survive in so many ways. In the coming years, this trend will likely further be on the rise. So, it’s a win-win situation for both art and society. You can ponder how can architecture change the world without considering its effects on those facing poverty. 



Boosting the Productivity


If we compare today’s era with the past, we’ll see that we have a lot more indoor space. For example, we have more indoor sports (like tennis, gym exercises, etc.), indoor gaming zones, indoor labs, indoor gardens, and so on. While this may be due to the advancement of technology, it also has to do with changes in socioeconomic status and the availability of spaces that cater to all types of individuals. As our cities grow, more spaces are needed indoors, and architects must meet this demand.

So, with the help of architecture, humans can build customized indoor spaces, since many have to spend most of their time indoors; their custom-built designs can improve their mood and also their productivity level. If considering how architecture can change the world, the manner of productivity is a worthwhile way that architects are helping the world. 

The same is the case with the corporate world. We have more customized buildings with innovative interior designs that help employees work with increased zeal. So, in this way, architecture boosts the productivity of various humans, both on a personal and professional level.

Image shows a city from the street, looking up at the buildings under an overpass. The sides of buildings and the tops of skyscrapers are seen. There is a traffic light in view. The image is in black and white.


The Cultural and Social Impact of Architecture


Since the dawn of architecture, it has impacted various cultures and societies differently. That’s a good byproduct. Initially, architects built different historic buildings and religious buildings. Today, all those buildings and castles are counted as historical assets. Similarly, religious buildings like churches help people connect with each other.

These assets also connect different people from different societies based on their beliefs and various cultural norms. So, we can say that architecture will further connect people in this way, bringing them together in spaces meant for like-minded individuals. When thinking of how can architecture change the world, the social and cultural impact is one of the most evident ways. 

 Aiding To Reverse Effects of Global Warming


The human population is increasing day by day; we all know that. Similarly, we cannot stop building new shelters and commercial buildings to accommodate these people. In this regard, architecture is aiding this problem. But with a greater population comes greater responsibility, especially in terms of global warming.

Because of this, we have buildings around us that are built with eco-friendly materials. We also have spaces with unique designs (like the ones with rooftop gardens and greenery all around) that are helping to sustain the environment. When considering how can architecture change the world, taking a closer look at global warming is a huge way that architects are helping to change and preserve the world around them. 

What’s even better, as technology improves, the tech that architecture utilizes will also improve. This means that architects will have access to a greater variety of eco-friendly styles and solutions when designing the world around us.


Promoting the Social Interaction


In the 21st century (especially after COVID-19), more humans have become used to indoor spaces. So many things are now indoors and are accessed inside closed premises, whether it is their office, home, or even a grocery store. When considering how can architecture change the world, bringing us together socially is a main focus of the modern era we live in. 

Therefore, architects are creating new and innovative indoor spaces for humans to cope with this challenge. For example, we have advanced indoor gyms, shopping plazas, kid’s entertainment zones, and food courts.

Now, architects are further working on improving the design and facilities that are offered in such indoor spaces. In this way, architecture promotes social interaction between humans, even when faced with catastrophic changes and challenges that threaten how humans interact and live.



Architecture is an incredibly powerful field. Without it, the world as we know it wouldn’t exist. It’s architects that help create a world for us to live and interact with. As architecture changes, the lives of the community also change, for better or worse. The social impact of architecture is aiding our society and its development in many ways. As innovation increases, positive changes occur that will withstand a new generation. The future is architecture, what will you design?


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