Church Renderings


Church building committees are tough. Even when they have the right information, it’s hard to get everyone on the same page. And explaining your ideas to a congregation that isn’t accustomed to reading architectural plans can be even trickier. The bottom line is people aren’t moved to care about technical blueprints on an easel – they fall in love with a design when the vision is crystal clear and the emotional connection unmistakable. That’s where we come in. Our realistic architectural renderings are like photographs. They communicate your design accurately while making a connection that lines and words simply can’t.

We also understand your concerns about money and stewardship. At J. Scott Smith Visual Designs, many of us are part of churches and committees ourselves. We get it. We are interested in getting you the most you can out of your investment. At one church, we were able to show them that using less stone actually looked better. They later told us that the savings in materials more than paid for our services, so they saved money and got a better sanctuary. In another case, a choir director noticed in our renderings that there was no door from the stage to the practice room where he expected it. He had seen the plans for months without a door, but it took translating them into a format he could relate to before he understood the design. Every project has stories like these. This is why we especially love working with churches. We love good design, but we also love fixing problems, saving money, and seeing happy and successful clients.