About Our Architectural Rendering Services

Explore Our History, Team, and Creative Process at J. Scott Smith Visual Designs


Architectural rendering company J. Scott Smith Visual Designs, Inc., was born in Traverse City, Michigan, more than 20 years ago and has continued to grow not only in popularity, but in abilities too. While our primary services have always revolved around architectural rendering services, we also offer other 3D services including photogrammetry, laser scanning, and more. It’s all about supporting our clients’ needs for digital representations of the real world. Plus, we love playing with top-of-the-line equipment to accurately represent how things are or how they might be.


We have spent decades mastering our craft and serving our amazing clients. Most of our clients are architects, but we also work with developers, interior designers, and other professionals in the AEC field. We’ve worked on projects including private residences, country clubs, housing developments, churches, schools, hotels, and more. Our team includes people with backgrounds in a wide range of disciplines and with a knack for delivering exactly what our clients need when they need it. This breadth of knowledge and experience helps us understand each project and sometimes gives us a new approach to 3D problem-solving.

Architectural Renderings services and Other Specialized 3D Services

We specialize in conceptual images with an emphasis on graphics for the many professions involved in architecture and real estate development. Our work includes architectural rendering services, walkthroughs, video compositing, conceptual design, photography, mapping, site analysis, and other 3D services. If it’s related to 3D and graphics, there’s a good chance we can help. If you can dream it, we can bring it to life with a 3D image!!

Commitment to Quality and Collaboration

We are not just an architectural rendering company that pushes buttons – there are plenty of cheaper options overseas if that’s all you want. Our focus is on working closely with our clients to understand their vision and ensure that every detail is perfect. We believe in the power of collaboration, and our process involves open communication and a commitment to quality that you won’t find elsewhere. We take pride in the artistry and precision of our work, making sure that every project not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Our Passion and Vision

At J. Scott Smith Visual Designs, Inc., we are passionate about what we do, and it shows in every project we undertake. Our goal is to make your vision a stunning reality, and we look forward to partnering with you to create something extraordinary.



Meet the Team

Scott Smith

Scott Smith

Scott Smith’s passion for design started in high school. Traverse City High was one of the few in the country that offered AutoCAD classes and Scott signed on, seeing it as an interesting option that blended both math and art. While still a teen, Scott applied his entrepreneurial bent by using what he was learning to help local businesses with their CAD needs. Throughout high school and college, he continued to expand his abilities and skills. As technology developed, so did Scott’s dreams for an architectural rendering company that specialized in 3D services and, in 2001, J. Scott Smith Visual Designs, Inc., was born.

Solving people’s problems is what Scott likes best about his job, specifically through the translating aspect. He likes the “aha moment” when a homeowner finally understands what the architect’s plans have shown all along. Or the excitement people express when their vision has finally been captured and they can now share it with others.

In addition to loving what he does from 9 to 5, Scott enjoys spending time with his wife, Aubrey, and six children. Born and raised in Traverse City, MI, Scott can be found exploring all parts of Northern Michigan and beyond, spending the summers camping, and fishing when he can sneak out of the office. He also enjoys cigar smoking, talking theology around a fire, and reading.

He doesn’t really have a bucket list but in conjunction of his love of studying the Old Testament, Scott would love to explore Mesopotamia and Levant (modern-day Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and certain adjacent areas) and other inaccessible places.

Chris Clinton

Chris Clinton

With a master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Michigan, Chris Clinton has worked in the field of architecture for more than 20 years. After college, he started as a drafter at Cornwell Architects in Traverse City and then became a licensed architect. He has been at J. Scott Smith Visual Designs since 2015 using his architectural rendering services.

As the oldest of three boys, one of whom is Chris’s twin, Chris grew up in Traverse City. With the exception of his youngest brother, who works in New York, many of his relatives still live in the area. A significant part of Chris’s family has included American Eskimo dogs – Callie, Lily, and Lila.

Chris likes to continue advancing his knowledge by learning new techniques of architectural rendering. He enjoys 3D modeling as well as lighting the scene; making materials; and adding vegetation, furniture, and props to make the rendering as realistic as possible. He gets fulfillment out of not only seeing the client’s project transformed from 2D drawings into a realistic 3D rendering but also seeing the client’s reaction when they see the finished product.

One item on Chris’s bucket list is related to his job – he would like to design his own house and have it built. He also enjoys making stained glass panels using traditional techniques, and rounding out Chris’s interests is traveling. He has taken many trips to New York to see his brother and hopes to one day tour the castles in the United Kingdom.

Nick Huffman

Nick Huffman

Nick Huffman has been with J. Scott Smith Visual Designs, Inc., since he graduated from high school. He started in some traditional drafting classes in seventh grade; learned 3D modeling, photoshop and created video game mods; and by the end of his senior year, he’d completed all the available CAD and 3D CAD courses. Nick also has a strong background in traditional art and photography and he uses those skills in his role at J. Scott Smith Visual Designs, Inc.

Nick married his high school sweetheart, Marie, in 2013 and in 2022 they doubled their family with twin daughters! Having grown up in Traverse City, Nick loves being outdoors year round, whether it’s climbing the sand dunes, riding his motorcycle, boating or playing ice hockey. Not content to just stay in Northern Michigan, one of Nick’s bucket list items is to ride a motorcycle across Japan and his dream vacation is to see the northern lights in Norway.

One of the things Nick likes best about working at J. Scott Smith Visual Designs, Inc., is the artistic side. He says, “Even if we get a job with full specs and plans, it’s still up to me to create the mood and really sell the project. Whether it’s an animation or still renderings, a 30,000 square-foot home or a wristwatch, every day I get to be a photographer, videographer, lighting specialist, landscape architect interior decorator and civil engineer!”