Commercial Renderings


Big projects mean big budgets and big problems. But many problems are avoidable. Hitting deadlines, meeting budgets, and securing investors all depend upon accurately communicating your design. The trouble is that your design is written a foreign language.

At J. Scott Smith Visual Designs, we are expert translators. We take the language of design, architecture, and engineering specifications, and turn it into a rendering so real you’ll think it’s a picture. We like to say that we are visual storytellers. We help communicate your vision and engage your audience in a way that construction documents and business plans cannot.

Up Your Marketing Game. Just because you do beautiful work with wood and steel doesn’t mean you are as effective at communicating it beforehand. That’s where we step in with visualizations of your design to sell your firm.

Strut Your Stuff. It’s becoming common for an association or a trade show to require renderings in order to participate. If that’s not something you do in-house, you’re in luck. We do!

Design to Suit. Perhaps you know the business of building to lease, but aren’t sure of the aesthetic market. We can show your building with a number of different color and material palettes to put out as feelers. Once you get a read on where the demand lies, your designers can take over to make the building the market is calling for.


Seal the Deal. If you’re in the running on a building contract and need some sort of edge to get the win, we can help. When you present 3D renderings to accompany their spreadsheets, you can bet that you will stand out from the pack. Architectural renderings are a fantastic way to make that first impression a home run.

Meet the Requirements. It’s becoming common for municipalities and associations to require a rendering, walk-through, or other digital visualization in their submittal. Few developers have that capability in-house. We can be your secret weapon.

Our specialty is helping people visualize their projects for material selection, municipal approvals, fundraising, marketing assets, getting owner approvals, and so much more. If that’s something we can take off of your plate, give us a call!