Retail Store 3D Scanning: A Game-Changer in Store Renovation and Planning

Introduction to the Oryana Community Co-op Project

We recently embarked on a pioneering project with Oryana Community Co-op in Traverse City, leveraging the latest advancements in 3D scanning technology. Our collaboration with Keen Technical Solutions marked the beginning of a feasibility phase aimed at assessing potential improvements to the store layout and design.

The Process: How 3D Scanning Made a Difference

The cornerstone of our project was the application of state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology. This process began with an extensive scan of the store, creating a detailed point cloud model that represents the store’s physical space with astounding accuracy. This digital representation is not just a visual tool but a comprehensive dataset that mirrors every nook and cranny of the existing structure.

Advantages of 3D Scanning in Retail Renovation

The use of 3D scanning in retail spaces like Oryana brings several key benefits:

  1. Precision and Accuracy: The detailed model captures the exact dimensions and layout of the store, ensuring that any proposed changes or improvements are based on accurate and reliable data. 
  2. Efficiency and Time-Saving: Traditional methods of site analysis require multiple site visits and manual measurements, often leading to prolonged project timelines. 3D scanning streamlines this process, significantly reducing the time and resources required for site analysis. 
  3. Enhanced Visualization and Planning: With the 3D model, stakeholders can visualize potential changes in a real-world context, allowing for better decision-making and more creative solutions to design challenges. 
  4. Cost-Effectiveness: By minimizing the need for physical site visits and enabling more accurate planning, 3D scanning helps in reducing overall project costs.

Interactive Model: Explore the Oryana Store Virtually

A highlight of our project post is the interactive model of Oryana’s point cloud. This feature allows users to virtually explore the building, to understand the current structure, and ascertain the potential for future modifications. It serves as a powerful tool for stakeholders to visualize and plan effectively.

Impact and Future Potential

The Oryana Community Co-op project stands as a testament to the transformative power of Retail Store 3D Scanning. This technology not only enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of store planning and renovation but also opens up new possibilities for creative and innovative store designs.


As we continue to explore the capabilities and applications of 3D scanning in the retail sector, our Oryana Community Co-op case study serves as a beacon, showcasing the practical benefits and future potential of this technology. We invite you to explore the point cloud images and the interactive model included in this post to witness the impact of 3D scanning in retail store renovation firsthand.



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