Urban Site Analysis

Urban Site Analysis

City Block Scan

Downtown Traverse City

At JSSVD, we do a lot of R&D. One of our ongoing projects has been testing numerous techniques and technologies for scanning urban spaces. We’re not done with this exploration (and probably never will be), but we have some cool graphics to share. Not only are they fascinating to look at, but they are also contain a lot of accurate data.

Need to know the exact elevation of floors with respect to ground beneath for design of a new fire escape? It’s here.

Need to know what rooftop utilities you have in place with accurate location? Got it.

Interested in documenting streetscape elevations with all features accurately portrayed? That’s there too.

Whatever it is you want to document, there’s a good chance we can help you out. Through the use of LIDAR (laser scanning), infrared scanning, terrestrial and UAV photography, photogrammetry, and a lot of other fancy things, we can put together the data you need. And to make it even better, the point cloud data will easily integrate into most design software for your reference.

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