Best 5 Benefits of Modern Architecture

Everyone needs a place to call home, and everyone has their own idea of what that looks like. Modern architecture provides a lot of benefits and solutions to modern problems. Visualizing your space is crucial to eliminate any mistakes, issues, or discrepancies. While J Scott Smith Designs can help you create the perfect architectural 3D rendering for any build type, there are some benefits to going modern. But what are the benefits of modern architecture? There are plenty of reasons why should you consider a modern home design for your next build.

A modern architecture example of a living room with a fire place, tv and modern furniture.

Modern architecture creates stunning living rooms full of natural light, high ceilings, and more.


Space Efficiency


One of the main benefits of going with a modern home design is the fact that you’re able to efficiently use your space. Things like high or vaulted ceilings, wide corridors, and open floor concept plans create a lot of free space that you’re able to use in a way that makes sense to your home. With a modern type of style, transitions are minimal, and rooms seem to flow within each other. This creates a concept of wide spaces and allows for the utilization of every crevice.

Modern home plans also allow for the option of added customization. Consider adding pull-downs, built-ins, and other neat space-saving features that you only get with a new modern architecture. Modern home living also extends to your outdoor space, often resulting in spacious, attractive, and useful outdoor areas that can be used for just about anything.

This style is perfect for the family who loves to entertain. The team of artists and professionals at J Scott Smith Designs can help you build the perfect modern architecture 3D rendering, and create the perfect space for any modern home design, inside and outside.

Useful Light Source


A modern home design is a great way to add a little light to your life. This type of design is perfect for letting in natural light throughout the house, even when it’s winter. This not only reduces your electricity costs but also helps your space feel less stuffy and more spacious. Large windows are common in these designs, allowing gorgeous natural illumination for any room.

Skylights are also a great addition to a modern home style, allowing light from above to fill any room with beneficial natural light.  When you combine these two features, you’re sure to soak up Vitamin D, while creating an airy, and uplifting space to live in. Modernism provides improved aesthetics and efficiency, including lighting.

Easy Personalization 


Modern home architecture featuring a home on a hill held up on stilts with garage underneath.

Modern architecture adds the ability to customize in unique ways.


Forty or fifty years ago, it was common and even preferred for your home to look just like your neighbor’s home. Suburbs were built to provide quality home design to the middle class, creating neighborhoods that look quite similar. While these designs served their purpose, they’re getting a little outdated and it’s often hard to add your own personal touch.

These homes are also slightly more complicated to modify. When you choose an updated style, and when you have a modern home 3D rendering, you’re able to customize just about every inch of the home.

Modern plans don’t rely on traditional design metrics, allowing for plenty of room for customization. These plans are flexible, adaptable, and great for modifications. This puts you in control of your build. These designs have the added benefit of change, if you wish to customize something else later, the plans are often flexible enough to allow future modifications with ease, unlike traditional builds.

Easy to Maintain/Long-Lasting


New homes are easier to maintain than older builds. This is not only for obvious reasons but also for the fact that modern homes are often outfitted with modern appliances and fixtures, which are new and easier to maintain than older homes. These buildings are also likely to last longer, not just because they’re newer, but also because they’re built with new specifications and plans.

The science of architecture has improved, and so has the way things are built. A building that would break down before, would now be built to last today. This saves money, both on maintenance but also in repair. By putting funds into properly planning and building your home, the less you’ll spend to upkeep it later. See how you can design and change your plans with a modern home 3D rendering


Not only are modern homes efficient in terms of space and energy, but they’re also better for the environment. There are many ways to decrease your carbon footprint with an updated, current design. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as utilizing natural light, installing solar panels, choosing eco-friendly building materials, or even building with and utilizing recycled materials. Because these plans are so flexible, they’re able to adapt to eco-friendly standards that more traditional home designs could not.

Just as asbestos and lead paint were phased out, a lot of building materials that were used just twenty years ago are also being phased out for earth-friendly alternatives. This means that not only will your home build look great, function well, and last longer, but it also can help the earth just by existing. Look at you go, being a superhero and all.


Choosing modern architecture is a worthwhile investment. Modern home architecture not only looks amazing but also allows you to customize it in the way you’d like. This style also provides eco-friendly options that last longer than their older counterparts while also reducing their carbon footprint. You’re also able to modify them with greater ease than traditional house plans. This means that you get a stylish, eco-friendly, efficient home that is built to last, and built to impress.

Are you ready to design a beautiful modern home that could also help save the earth?


Contact J Scott Smith Visual Designs today to learn more about how a 3D home rendering could help you plan every aspect of your modern home design. What have you got to lose? Going home is easier than ever with a 3D render.




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