Ed Kirkland

“Here on Long Island, we were designing and building a new church facility unlike any in this area. Because of that, we knew the renderings would be especially important. Like most, we tried to work with our architect at first. But, it took forever to get changes back and they were almost never right.

When we decided to work with J. Scott Smith Visual Designs, the difference was night and day. Through online meetings we saved thousands of dollars because Scott was able to show us potential conflicts in the plans. Also, instead of seeing one version from the architect, Scott made it possible for us to view multiple versions. In the end, we selected one that saved thousands of dollars over the architect’s original exterior design. Before that, I never realized the benefit of bringing in a rendering firm like Scott’s while design decisions were still being made. In fact, our architect was even impressed with the final ideas! At this point, we now know that Scott’s work saved us more than it cost. Therefore, my recommendation is simple. Instead of a simple rendering, let Scott help you find a building design that will actually work for you. If you do, I believe you will find it to be one of your best investments.”

Ed Kirkland, D.Min.
Sr. Pastor
Living Faith Christian Church
Farmingdale, New York (Long Island)

Ed KirklandD.Min., Sr. PastorLiving Faith Christian Church
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