5 Reasons Your Architectural Firm Needs to Outsource 3D Rendering

It’s no secret that architectural firms are under pressure to deliver high-quality renderings quickly and efficiently. The good news is that you don’t have to do it all yourself! By outsourcing 3D rendering, you can get the help you need without sacrificing quality or time. In this blog post, we will discuss five reasons why your architectural firm should outsource 3D rendering.

1 – Outsource 3D Rendering to Increase Your Firm’s Capacity

3D rendering is an increasingly important aspect of the architectural design process. It allows your firm to present realistic images of your proposed designs, which in turn gives your clients a better sense of what the final product will look like. However, 3D rendering can be a very time-consuming process. As a result, many architectural firms choose to outsource their 3D rendering needs to an experienced service provider.

Many architects have determined it would be preferable to free up internal resources that can be better used elsewhere. This in turn can help to speed up the overall design process allowing you to take on more work because your designers are actually designing rather than fiddling with software.

2 – Get High-Quality From 3D Architectural Rendering Experts

It’s tough to beat the quality of a 3D architectural rendering specialist with a proven track record. A capable technician with a moderate understanding can do an ok job of basic renderings in your office. But it’s difficult to achieve a high-quality if you are not using the software all day every day. The best place to get the highest quality renderings is from people who have become expert through daily use.

It is essential to choose an outsourcing service with a deep understanding of architectural rendering. Such providers will be able to take into account factors your staff may not even be aware of that can make or break the quality of your final renderings. With the right technical expertise and skillful interpretation of your vision, 3D architectural rendering experts can help you show off your amazing designs with visuals that accurately convey the essence of your project. Working with experienced 3D renderers is sure to result in superior results for your firm. So if you are ready to breathe new life into your designs, look for 3D architectural rendering experts!

3 – Save Money By Using a 3D Rendering Business

If you are looking for ways to cut costs in your business, consider outsourcing your 3D rendering needs to specialized 3D outsourcing companies. By working with these companies, you can access highly skilled artists who have years of experience creating high-quality renderings. It may seem less expensive to do renderings in-house, but have you considered all the costs involved?

  • First, you need to purchase the software, which can be quite expensive.
  • And you’re not done with that purchase. You will likely need plugins to perform specialized functions – especially if you want to achieve high-quality images.
  • Also, you will want to buy assets. There’s no sense spending your time creating every texture and model when they are available for sale. But whether you buy them or spend time making them, it’s money.
  • Next, you need to train your staff in how to use it. And like any specialty, it takes some time to become proficient.
  • Keep in mind that your current computer may not have sufficient power to create renderings efficiently – if at all! So factor in the cost of a high-end GPU and whatever else is needed. (This will vary based on the software(s) you are using, so do your homework.
  • Finally, when it comes to software, very little is available for purchase anymore. We live in a subscription-based world, so get used to paying monthly or annually to keep your programs running. And keep in mind that changing software means continual learning, so that’s another cost to be aware of.

One more thing to add… Your firm is likely using something like SketchUp or Revit with Lumion. We have that software, but also LOTS more. Like any specialty, success comes by digging deep into your niche. So we have numerous modeling programs, render engines, and plugins. And that doesn’t even take into account the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of assets like lights, materials, furniture, and fixtures, as well as the expertise to custom make anything you need.

Can you do renderings yourself in-house? Definitely! But don’t presume that you’re getting a deal. You might be just paying more for a headache that isn’t worthwhile in the long run. Offload that burden to us and use your expertise more efficiently.

4 – Outsource to Get Specialized Expertise

As stated above, it’s difficult to achieve a high-quality if you are not using the software all day every day. It’s also impossible to become efficient at it, let alone expert. That is where a specialist is invaluable. Outsourcing to a rendering service means you can leverage all of their assets and expertise in your favor.

Because 3d rendering companies focus exclusively on this type of work, they have the skills and knowledge needed to craft high-quality 3d images quickly and efficiently, and with your specific needs in mind. This allows them to provide cost-effective solutions that make it possible for smaller firms with limited resources to take on larger or more technically difficult projects than they could otherwise handle in-house.

When a company specializes in 3D visualization, the knowledge and tricks you learn have immeasurable value. (That’s part of why people intern, after all.) A rendering service is not bogged down in meetings, researching codes, or drawing details. We live in the world of UVW mapping, IOR values, noise reduction, and a million other things that would make you pull your hair out.

Lastly, as you know in your architectural practice, you can’t underestimate the value of having teammates doing the same work at the desk next to you. For those architects who do their own renderings, it can be a lonely and exhausting process to try and achieve the desired results with the tools they have available.

Most of our clients are architects who have decided that they want to specialize in the design and rely on our expertise to make them look amazing.

5 – Outsource to Access New Technology

It’s literally a full-time job to keep up with the latest in rendering technology. We’re constantly evaluating new render engines, techniques like PBR (physically-based-rendering), hardware compatibility issues, and the like so you don’t have to. When you work with a 3D rendering business, you get all of the benefits of the latest technology without the investment.


Outsourcing your 3D rendering needs is a great way to get high-quality visuals quickly and efficiently. By working with a specialist service provider, you can access their expertise and assets to help you take on larger or more technically difficult projects than you could otherwise handle in-house. Additionally, by keeping up with the latest technology, a rendering service can use the latest tools and techniques to create the best visuals possible, and without tying up your staff, which leaves them free to take on more projects.

If you outsource your 3D rendering needs, what other benefits have you seen? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to check out our website for more information about our services. Thanks for reading!


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