Accurate 3D Development Impact Visualization

Traverse City stands as a testament to the ever-evolving debate around urban development. In such a backdrop, presenting a project requires more than just architectural plans; it necessitates a persuasive and accurate visualization of the proposed structure within its environment.

More Than Just Marketing Images

We were not just commissioned for marketing materials for this Traverse City development. Our primary role was to craft detailed renderings that showcased not only the beauty and functionality of the design but its real-world impact on the surrounding environment. Our renderings go beyond mere aesthetics. They are founded on precise 3D models capable of demonstrating the tangible influence of a development from any perspective.

Our Detailed Process

Our approach to Peninsula Place encapsulates our commitment to accuracy:

  1. 3D Base Modeling: We began by mapping the area, constructing a 3D model of existing conditions.
  2. Photographic Exploration: Multiple photographs were captured, ensuring we had a comprehensive view of the environment.
  3. Incorporating Ongoing Developments: Given the dynamism of the area with several projects underway, our 3D model encompassed both the subject property and its surroundings.
  4. Final Composites: We married aerial and ground photographs with our 3D elements, offering a complete and accurate visualization of the proposed future conditions.

Below, you’ll find a couple of the before/after images created for our client.

Why Choose Our 3D Development Impact Visualization?

In a world where every development can spark a debate, the ability to showcase accurate, unbiased visualizations becomes paramount. Whether it’s for marketing, presentations, or regulatory approvals, our 3D visualizations help bridge the gap between architects, developers, and stakeholders. Partner with us to bring clarity and precision to your next project.


Aerial view of Traverse City before development - untouched photographComposite aerial view of Traverse City with 3D development visualization

Accurate 3D Development Impact VisualizationMarketing image showcasing the proposed development in Traverse City


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