Peninsula Place

Peninsula Place

State Street, Traverse City, MI

Traverse City is a town divided when it comes to the topic of tall buildings. When presenting his project for consideration, the developer had more than the usual reason to come to us for renderings. Not only were we retained to create marketing materials, but we also created images to be used in his presentations to seek approval for his project. That is because our renderings are not merely visually appealing and helpful in selling units – they are also based on accurate 3D models that can be used to demonstrate the real-world impact of a development, from any location.

For this project, we started by mapping the area to create a 3D base model of existing conditions. We then took a number of photographs for consideration. Finally, we created a 3D model of not only the subject property, but also the area surrounding it as there were multiple projects under construction. In the end, we created composite renderings from a number of aerial and ground photographs to accurately show the proposed future conditions. Above, you’ll see a sampling of untouched photographs, final composites with 3D components added in, as well as some other marketing images we created for our client.



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