Project Spotlight: The Captain’s Quarters

At J Scott Smith Visual Designs, we work with a lot of different clients, and we truly value every single one. No project is too big or small. However, we thought that we would take the time to highlight some of our very finest clients, and we’ll start with Captain’s Quarters, who we’ve happily worked with for quite some time now.


Who They Are


Captain’s Quarters is Northern Michigan’s favorite men’s store. They have over 57 years of offering personalized service in a classic nautical haberdashery setting. Offering casual apparel, business attire, formal wear, accessories, and more, they serve our local Traverse City Michigan well.

Their vibe is like stepping onto an upscale Love Boat, and their offerings are plenty. They make the men of our city look fantastic, and we take pride in helping their customers step aboard without ever having to leave their own little islands.

We have been proud to work with them for the last nine years, and it was recently that we stopped by to refresh our virtual tour for their website. This is one project we always love working on!  Come take a look!


On Board For 9 Years


For nearly a decade we’ve been serving Captain’s Quarters, providing high-quality 360-degree store walkthroughs. We’re told that our walkthrough is consistently the busiest page on their website!

This project gets thousands of visitors per day!  They’ve had customers come in asking to find specific pieces that they saw while virtually browsing the store. Our video walkthrough has helped funnel new customers to their awesome store, which is the best news we could receive.


Creating a 360 Degree Store Walkthrough


When we show up at Captain’s Quarters we say our hellos and then we get down to work. This is not the quick spin of a smartphone to stitch together an ultra-wide picture. We arrive early in the morning to make sure we do not interfere with their customers or staff.

Our process involves the use of a special 3D infrared scanning camera that is designed for this specific task. We set it up on a tripod and perform a 360° scan every few feet throughout the store, taking note of mirrors and other features which affect the process. We end up with dozens of scans of the visual appearance and the geometry which are later combined to create an immersive, interactive 3D model. A hand holding a tablet. The project has a lot of details, and the results show it. 

A tablet and phone are shown outside of a store front to take images. This is a project photo.

The project always starts outside.


Our system helps us know where we need to document next, and where we already have. Each point is carefully surveyed, and carefully recorded.

A tablet shows mapping points of a store.

Our tech helps map the store.


Once back at the office, we upload our footage and our team carefully begins the process of creating a 360-degree, immersive 3D walkthrough. With these walkthroughs, we’re able to record video of the exterior and the interior of a business in amazing detail and clarity.


We then deliver this to our client, who in this case, is Captain’s Quarters. Our client then approves or asks for a revision, which is where we’d take in any concerns and adjust the walkthrough to fit our client’s comments, needs, and wants. This helps us make sure the project results are perfect. 


Once our walkthrough is complete, our client is left with a high-quality, immersive experience that allows their own customers to visit their business without ever leaving their homes. And these tours aren’t a waste of time! Did you know that customers spend 5 to 10 times more on websites with virtual tours? 50% of adult users on the internet rely on virtual tours in their research and for decision-making. Not only that, but virtual tours increase business listings interest two-fold!


The numbers are in, and the numbers favor virtual tours by far. Consider a virtual tour for your next project. 


Honored and Humbled


We’ve helped the Captain’s Quarters for nine years now, which is a lot of time. We have enjoyed working with them and appreciate their business greatly.

We love that our walkthrough often helps them not only keep their current customers happy but also gain them new customers, as well. We only hope that they’ll have us back next year, and the year after that! We love Captain’s Quarters and the amazing products they offer! The Captain’s Quarter’s cares, and so do we!


An image of the front of the store Captain's Quarters

Visit Captain’s Quarters in Traverse City, Michigan!


To visit Captain’s Quarters and to see our walkthrough, click here.


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