What To Send Us

Giving us the right information early will save you time and money.

We’ve worked from 100-page construction sets and we’ve worked from napkin sketches. Sometimes we receive a dizzying array of specifications and sometimes we’re told to use our judgment. We’ll do whatever you want, and we’ll take whatever you’ve got.

Depending on the project, we often receive the following:


  • Architectural plans – Including floor plans, exterior elevations, roof plans, interior elevations… If you have a drawing that shows the thing you want us to render, send it!
  • Survey plans – If we need to show your property, we would love to have a copy of your boundary survey, topographic survey, ALTA, tree survey… whatever you have!
  • Engineering plans – Site plans, master plans, grading plans, landscape plans, hardscape, drainage, utility…  Some of these get obscure, but if we are helping you visualize or design your site, we’ll likely need it.
  • Sketches – If you have an idea what you’d like to see, send it along! It will probably help!
  • Reference images – If there is a render style you want us to emulate, send us a copy. If there’s a house down the street with the perfect shutters, snap a pic. If you’ve found the perfect paint technique on Pinterest, or an entire palette you love on Houzz, send it to us!
  • Finishes – If you have photos, links, paint chip colors, material specs – anything that shows the materials and colors you want us to use, we’ll need those.
  • Fixtures – Most kitchens have a range, so we’ll slap in one that suits. If you know you want a Wolf GR304, that is useful info. The same goes for plumbing fixtures, lights, doorknobs, mailboxes… You get the idea.
  • Furnishings – If your plans show an end table, we’ll pick an end table we like from our collection. If you know the exact table, send us the info to track it down.

Lastly, refer to this page if you’re looking for info on what types of files we like to receive.