Uptown is a development of townhomes situated in Downtown Traverse City on the bank of the Boardman River. Of the 15 units designed and built by Whiteford Associates, only one stunning, luxury riverfront unit remains.

Unit I is framed and ready for you to finish it off your way. Since this is sometimes difficult to envision, we have created this virtual tour. In the window below you have the opportunity to explore the layout of Unit I as it is currently framed out. We’ve shown it with no color or other unique characteristics so that you will see it as the blank canvas it is. If you click on a small orange camera, you will move to the next view in that direction. In several locations, we have inserted panoramic photos of other units that have actually been built. These locations are indicated by a blue banner at the base of your view. Whenever you see that cue, be sure to check out the options listed in the upper-left corner of your screen. 

Click through them and look around to see stunning real-life examples of what other residents have done with their spaces. What you do is up to you!

We welcome you to explore this last remaining jewel in Uptown, then contact the team (231-715-1464) to arrange a visit.