Can You Replace Interior Door Without Replacing Frame

A simple adjustment of interior doors may drastically alter the decor of your house. You may have decided to add a touch of glamour to the surroundings. You may replace your door for various reasons, including a better look, better protection, front appeal, or just because the old door appears worn out or broken. 

Replacing a door along with the frame could seem more hectic, and people have queries like; whether you can replace an interior door without replacing the frame, how to fit a new door into an old frame, Do you need to replace the door frame with the door? And many more. Let’s find out the answers.

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Can You Replace an Interior Door Without Replacing the Frame?

It is easy for a homeowner to change an old door while keeping the existing frame. Both external and internal doors can be replaced without removing the frame. They have comparable procedures with a few minor differences. In either case, changing the door is easier than you would believe. 

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Things to Consider While Replacing a Door


The ability to change doors without the frame depends on the architectural style and the unique layout. Pre-hung doors include the screws, locks, and knobs already installed in the frame for convenience of setup. It means they are attached to the frame and must be changed together as the screws are fixed. 

On the other hand, a slab door is simply a door that slides open and closes. Due to the lack of trim for screws and fittings on slab doors, you can’t replace the door slab. DIY installation can be complex and time-consuming compared to pre-hung door installation. 

Doors are often pre-hung; most individuals have a door slab, a pre-cut block of wood or plastic that doesn’t include any hinges. The door slab can be replaced anytime, and the frame does not have to be replaced or modified as long as it is in excellent shape. 


In many circumstances, replacing the door while keeping the frame is feasible. There should be no serious concerns if the door frame is in good condition and form.

To learn how it all works, you must be familiar with doors, their parts, and their purposes. Check to see whether the door shuts correctly and look for any spaces that should be filled around the door. If you notice any problem, you should check if it is due to the door or the frame. 

How to Replace a Interior Door Without a Frame

  • Start by measuring the outer measurements of the door and then purchase a regular door similar to what you will be replacing. 
  • Doors are available in typical widths and heights. It is easy to purchase the door of your choice.
  • Remove the old door by removing the joint pins and disassembling the hinge plate from the door. 
  • Firmly fit the new door to the one you’re replacing.
  •  Scratch any borders that need to be fixed onto the new door, particularly the center. 
  • Shape the bottom and top of the new door.
  • The next stage is to align the new door with the existing one.
  • Engrave the existing screws and lock stud sites, which will be transferred to the new door. 
  • Make the hinge grooves and place the hinge studs into the new door. 
  • Move the hinge pins into position after lifting the new door into place. 
  • You can now engrave the door’s latch sides. 
  • Sharpen the latch side with a plane, about 1/8′′ slope towards the door’s front. 
  • This will give adequate space for the door to shut while also leaving a very tight and clean border on the interior of the door.
  • Lastly, line the hole’s center with the clasp on the door frame and drill out the lock, along with the lateral bore, for the attaching process. 
  • Replace all the fittings, and you’ll have a beautiful new door that is correctly hung. 
  • All of this may take less than an hour. 

This was your answer about putting a new interior door in an old frame. But here is another thing to consider; should you replace an interior door without replacing the frame? It depends on various factors. The first stage is to check both the frame and the door properly. In most situations, both have the same or comparable age, so if the door gets worn, the frame may also have.

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Signs Your Door Frame Needs Replacement

Check for the factors in the door frame like:

  • Warping
  • Dents
  • Scratches
  • Wood condition

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Signs Your Door Needs Replacement

  • Deep scrapes and dings are one problem, but you should examine them closer. 
  • Check the lock and padlock fitting, so both are correctly fixed and do not slack in the door hinges.
  • Examine the hinges and the areas where they are affixed so that they are not damaged, the wood around them is not fractured, is firm, and none of the bolt holes are becoming slack or torn.
  • Examine to find out why the door is swinging wrongly. 
  • These problems could be handled with minor changes or new insulation, but if not, it is likely time to replace the door.


Whether you replace the door frame or not, updating or fixing your doors is an excellent way to give your house a modern appearance. If you decide to change the door, you can try a new color or take advantage of this opportunity to add innovation to your new door. Speak with a professional if you need clarification on the type of door you have. You can contact to get expert services, our professional team will turn your rough door ideas into high-quality 3D renderings. 




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