Education Renderings


Legacy, opportunity, innovation. These words describe the impact of your new building on campus, but how do you convey that to your community, alumni, and private investors? An effective capital campaign for a building on a high school or college campus is a massive undertaking. Between financing and donations, millions of dollars need to be raised before breaking ground. The best way to create excitement and participation is to present a crystal clear vision of what the new building will accomplish.

Some of that excitement comes from a compelling explanation of the plans, but words alone fall short of creating an emotional connection. We are experts at taking the architect’s plans for the new building and creating photoreal 3D renderings of the exterior and interiors, complete with students in the classroom or walking around campus. Now this project has impact.

With architectural renderings to look at, interested investors will have their questions answered about whether the new building will be aesthetically pleasing on the existing campus. Or what style the architecture will be, and what amenities it will offer. Everyone pictures something different when they read “300 seat lecture hall” or “open atrium with floor to ceiling glass.” Instead of leaving it to guesswork, we make the new building come alive with our renderings. An alumnus will want their name on a plaque outside the new library when they can see that library fully, in a photoreal image.

When it comes to leading your university or school into a new era of innovation and opportunity with upgraded facilities, it’s too important to cut corners on your visuals. Let us show you what we can do for your capital campaign! Call or email for a free consultation.