Other render styles


In the business, we usually call these non-photoreal, or “NPR”. They could be a traditional media style replicating a hand sketch or a painting, or they could be very basic 3D images without reflections or even textures. Sometimes they are requested as a matter of preference – and sometimes because of the lower cost and turnaround time. And sometimes they just work better than a full photo-realistic rendering due to their simple presentation and high contrast.


Whatever the look and whatever the need, NPR renderings still make up a fair amount of our work. Because of the lower time requirements, we can sneak these in between other jobs pretty easily. But because they are not as glamorous as our photoreal renderings, they usually do not get the same attention. So I decided to use today’s blog post to highlight these images. If you want more information or more examples on any of our NPR styles, give me a call!