Living Faith Christian Church becoming a reality

For over a year now, we have been working with Pastor Ed Kirkland of Wantagh Baptist Church on Long Island, New York.  For some time, his congregation has been planning a relocation from their prior location in Wantagh, NY to a new facility in Farmingdale, NY.  They began by purchasing a building in Farmingdale in 2001 and renovating it to be used for new church offices and multi-purpose space.   Several years later, they were able to purchase an adjacent development parcel, and began plans for a major expansion.

Armed with their dreams and a new site to contain them, they embarked on a journey of master planning, capital campaigns, and negotiations with municipal authorities.  In April 2008, Ed called me after seeing our listing in the wfx exhibitors list and visiting our web site.  We discussed the various options available, and came to a selection of services that would best suit Wantagh Baptist Church’s needs.

We began by creating a 3D model of the proposed facility for Pastor Ed and his building team to study.  (View sample images here.)  This was instrumental in helping them evaluate the architect’s plans and compare them to their vision.  Over the next months we created numerous iterations of the exterior and interior spaces until they were satisfied that their new campus would be everything it could be.  Through these images, and online meetings where they could tour the new building in real-time, they were able to identify areas of concern and resolve them – thus eliminating issues long before construction even began when they are much more costly to change!  This enabled them to optimize their building while also stewarding the resources they had been entrusted with.

Besides the dozens of images we created for their review, we also created photoreal exterior and interior renderings for use in their capital campaign.  (In the end these also turned out to be very helpful in answering questions during construction!)  Some of these images follow:

Prior to the church’s capital campaign kickoff, it became clear that they would need some images illustrating how the building floor plan laid out in a way that the average layperson could understand.  We then created the following images for use as Pastor Ed and others gave tours of the building during early stages of construction.

I am happy to watch the progress of the new facility, named “Living Faith Christian Church” at their website.  Through Pastor Ed’s blog, and the numerous photos throughout all stages of construction, you can really see their new home take shape.  I have included a couple photos below.

It has been a pleasure to work with Pastor Ed and his team.  I am especially happy when I have the privilege to see, and somehow play a part in refining a design to be the best it can be, avoid potential problems, and on top of that, often save them money in the long run!  This is even more rewarding when working with a church where decisions made early on will have a significant impact on the function of the church for years to come.  And, where the wise stewardship of resources are all the more important as these are funds entrusted by hundreds of people for the furtherance of the gospel.

UPDATE:   Read Pastor Ed’s letter of recommendation here

  • You really do great work, it's amazingly intricate. It must be exhilarating every time you see one of your designs come to life. Quite impressive work, Scott!

    • Thanks Joel! Yes – it can be very rewarding indeed. Especially so when helping a church.

  • Julie Elliott-Eickenroth

    Awesome! Wow, that is the best multi-phase rendering work I've ever seen. You must really get a kick out of seeing those drawings come to life, Scott. 🙂 Anybody can draw pretty CAD pictures, but you clearly have not only the rendering skills, but also the creativity and knowledge of design and construction to make those pretty pictures a dynamic, efficient, functional reality that real human beings will enjoy. Having been in the design and custom home-building industry myself, I know that is no easy feat. In this economy, being able to save thousands of dollars up front is more critical than ever before. No time for trial and error, that's for sure! Keep up the good work, Scott, I will definitely be spreading the word.

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  • Hey, stumbled onto your site from a tweet you sent about the ipad…love the work you do…especially with the churches. Great stuff.

  • loverevolver4

    This is a nice story and the finished buildings looks exactly like the 3D model which is even more impressive, it really shows off how precise these virtual modeling techniques can be now. I have seen a church with a similar design that had some great bible scripture painted onto one of the outside walls.

  • excellent post, keep it up! I will be checking back often 🙂

  • Paul Harvey

    I visited the new building for first time last week. As former member who left L.I. 5 years ago, I was very interested to see how it all turned out. EXCELLENT! I was expecting my usual disappointment because drawings and planning models usually seem to be better than the actual. In this case the real thing is way better than the pictures/plans!!! Thank you. Like when Jesus turned the water into wine, the best came at the end. Paul Harvey

    • Glad to hear it Paul. I'd love to visit the site myself and see how it all turned out. Based on the pictures, it looks great!
      Thanks for reading.

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