Largest Single Rendering to Date


Currently working on wrapping up a video for the development “Indigo Bluffs”, a “distinctive RV retreat” in Northern Michigan. Some weeks ago the client asked us to stage a single lot and render it so it could be used as a backdrop for their traveling trade show booth. Upon speaking with the display manufacturer, we found that they required an image that would print 10′ x 12′ at 300dpi. Gulp! We had never rendered an image that large, so this was a test for us. It came out very well however, and I’m told it has generated quite a bit of buzz at the shows. It seems they had to spend quite some time explaining that this was a rendered concept of what a site could be, and not a photo of a site they could purchase!

I have included the frame we rendered, as well as a photo of the booth at a show. Nice work guys!


  • Ori Ginor

    very nice render! What did you use? (3ds, Vray?)

  • Scott

    Thanks! Yep. Site terrain was primarily modeled in AutoCAD and SketchUp. Everything else in MAX, and rendered with VRay.

  • Dawson Art Work

    The realism is extremely impressive. The colors, reflections, and landscaping really top it off. Great job.

  • Jerry DeFoe

    Incredible. For someone who worked with 3D rendering back as the 80’s, it is amazing to me how far it has evolved over the years.

    My son works with After Effects on 3D animation projects and I know how much work this is. This realism is really the best I have seen.

    Great job.