Indigo Bluffs – A Distinctive RV Retreat


According to a February post on their website, “Sleepy Bear Campgrounds on M-72 in Empire Township has been sold and will be part of Indigo Bluffs recreational retreat. The property … is undergoing renovations to include a two-story registration building, the addition of 40 lots for site ownership by Class A motorhome owners, and a new sanitary sewer system.”

Long before this purchase, owner/developer Gary Becker had already begun to assemble a team of consultants and designers to help him realize his dreams of a luxury motorcoach resort in Northern Michigan.

Part of their marketing strategy was to have us create 3 videos for them to use on their website, at trade shows, and to hand out to prospective owners.

Video 1 is “Indigo Bluffs – The Region”. This was intended to give a quick introduction of what Northern Michigan living is all about.

Video 2 was “Indigo Bluffs – The Site”. This was to communicate the merits of the location and the amenities of the site.

Video 3 was “Indigo Bluffs – The Development”. This was the largest piece for us – a fully 3D presentation of the site concept.

To learn more about the development, visit
If you’re in the area, stop by and take a look. They have really made quite a transformation!

  • A. Thomas Hards

    Hi Scott,

    my wife and I have attended CLG for 31 years, and have been threaten with everlasting damnation if I don' t contact you re a possibility that may exist here in TC at Holiday Park Campground.

    My wife and I have been attending CLG for the past 31 years during May through October, and have been threatened with eternal damnation, by your Dad, if we don't contact you re this possible project.
    My wife and I are members of Holiday Park Campground on Silver Lake, just West of Chums Corners.
    We have just completed our best year ever, and have been consistantly confronted with having to add additional campsites to answer customer demand. This is a good and a bad thing because we have no major vision or overall plan for the future. We just keep “knee jerking” a quick fix, witteling away at our existing acreage (approx 15 acres remaining) I am running out of space, will send another email

    I have no authority at the park except being a 125th. owner, but I have the ear of all those who have that position.

    My vision is that I would love to do a “brief” sit down with you and see if this project would fit within you companies expertise, and

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