Fox Motors Mercedes

Got a call from client Lionel Thomas of Pegasus Holdings and Land Development.  He was in talks with Fox Motors of Grand Rapids regarding their upcoming purchase of Grand Traverse Auto, one of the region’s oldest car dealerships.  (Read more here)  As part of the transition, they would be moving the Mazda arm of the business into the main building and moving their existing Mercedes dealership from Acme, MI into the vacated building.  The change from Mazda to Mercedes would naturally involve some design changes to the building to reflect the different character of the respective makers.  For this, Lionel turned to Traverse Architectural Group.  In order to sell their design to Fox Motors and Mercedes, Lionel needed to have these architectural plans converted into pictures that everyone could understand.  Enter J. Scott Smith Visual Designs.  After nailing down the colors and angle that Lionel wanted to show, we crafted an image that they could use in pitching their plan to all necessary parties.

Below are a picture of the Mazda dealership and our rendering of the building as it will be converted.