Cottage 19 – The Village at Grand Traverse

I started some time ago experimenting with modeling buildings inspired by those on the grounds of The Village at Grand Traverse.  The Village began as a state asylum located in Traverse City, Michigan, in operation from the 1880s until 1989.  The buildings were based on the concept of Dr. Thomas Kirkbride, and designed by architect Gordon W. Lloyd.

In the summer of 2000, Ray Minervini of The Minervini Group, began a journey of acquiring and rehabilitating these wonderful buildings.  Today, the first phases of The Village contain dozens of shops, restaurants, offices and residences – all superbly appointed.

I have always loved the architecture of these buildings, and have worked with Ray over the years in his planning and visualizing his ideas.  Recently I have started experimenting with modeling these buildings in 3D in an attempt to recreate their original appearance.   My first attempts are in this Facebook photo album.  These are inspired by, and contain many elements of what is known as “Building 50”, but do not follow the floor plan of Building 50.  At that time I was more interested in exploring the modeling detail, lighting, etc.

Lately I became interested in recreating the buildings.  I began with Cottage 19.  I have included one current photo.  More can be found here and elsewhere, as these buildings have been photographed extensively.  I created this based on current photographs and measurements, as well as photographs from the turn of the century so I can present these buildings as they have not been seen in many years.

I’ve also included the first working image to test my render settings.  I’ll be adding more detail and materials.  Will probably post progress here, but this Facebook album will probably be more current.

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UPDATE!!!  2009-11-27

Lots of progress.  Visit Facebook album to see them.  Here is one of the latest (make sure you click to enlarge!):

Cottage 19 - Rendering of Front Elevation
Cottage 19 – Rendering of Front Elevation



  • Mary Richardson

    Oh I love, love the cottage!! My friend & I drove through the old hospital grounds (very sad at the time & spooky) but i fell for the buildings and realized the potential. Good work:)

  • Anne Smith

    I love the building 50 pictures…such history there…I remember working there in the late 60s

  • Anne Smith

    I love the building 50 pictures…such history there…I remember working there in the late 60s

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