COMPARE: Porch in Historic District

In 2006, a local builder approached me who was having difficulty with the local municipality. He was wanting to add a porch and just generally improve a house he owned, but the house was in a “Historic District”. In such a district, there is generally a board that reviews all proposed changes to make sure they are in keeping with the character of the neighborhood. He had sketched up his concept, but it wasn’t enough to sell them on the idea.

He came to us, and we created a 3D model of the porch he had drawn, as well as a number of alternate options. He chose one and we slapped it on the house and sent him packing to the city to get his approval.

I assume all went well, because I just noticed the house as I drove by the other day. Looks pretty close!

[svgallery name=”blog-20080618_porch”]