Sample Church Animation

Looks like it has been quite a while since I posted anything here. I need to catch up! For now, enjoy our 2008 Sample Church Animation, which we just completed.

Also, see this 15 minute animation we did for Bay Pointe Community Church a few years back:  Click here

Call us for a quote on your project.  I think you’ll be surprised!


  • EricCamper

    Great Job Scott!!! Love the sequencing…

  • jasonwidney

    Wow this really is nice. I have been part of a large that had animations done for 3 different building projects. None were as creative or innovative as this. I am really impressed. Very organic and relevant.

  • David Summer

    Wow, now that is a design PRESENTATION! Awesome job.

  • Church3055

    Wow, I ran across this by accident and I gotta say, well done. I have done similar projects and I can tell you have presented this church well. I love it.

  • artcotto

    Good Job, Congrats!!

  • wisemanb

    Incredible! Wish I had your gifts in this. Twitter on, man!

  • kurt7143

    Great video! Very nice presentation.

  • JDW8105

    Great animation. Love the quality.

  • jchronowski

    I am going to put on my list of things to have done. Great for morale and the wish list VISUALIZATION

  • pitdog75

    not too shabby 😉